Why I created Slideshower - photo slideshow app for Mac OS

I’m excited to introduce you to Slideshower, a tool I developed out of personal frustration when trying to create a randomized, full-screen photo slideshow on my Mac. Like many of you, I searched endlessly online for a simple solution that didn’t require importing all my photos into the Mac Photos app. Faced with limited options, I decided it was time to build something better.


Why Slideshower is the go-to slideshow app for Mac OS

Designed for Ease: I made sure Slideshower was incredibly straightforward to use. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just someone looking to recap memories in an engaging way, this app allows you to create beautiful slideshows effortlessly.

Randomization Made Easy: One of the main features I focused on was the ability to randomize slideshows. With Slideshower, you can easily shuffle your photos, ensuring that every slideshow is a fresh, new experience.

Add Photos Directly from Any Folder: You can easily import your photos to Slideshower directly from any folder. This feature saves time and lets you enjoy your photos on your Mac without any hassle.

Full Customization: Slideshower gives you full control over your slideshow’s look and feel, from adjusting the timing and transitions, to manually navigating through photos.

Optimized for macOS: As a solo developer and a Mac user myself, I’ve optimized Slideshower to work seamlessly with macOS, ensuring smooth performance and compatibility with all Mac devices.

Getting started with Slideshower is simple. Download the app and see for yourself if it’s a great photo slideshow app for mac.

I developed Slideshower because I needed a better way to enjoy my pictures. Now, I hope it can do the same for you. Give it a try and turn your photo collection into a dynamic slideshow that tells your story uniquely and beautifully.

Hope you like it.


Pawel Trybulski